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A 10-week course from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm Starting on 20 September, 2016

The courses will run at the Halewood Academy, Liverpool L26 1UU.

You can apply on line here.

Counselling students working in pairs


Our Level 3 Certificate in Counselling Skills Course (ABC Accredited) is fully subscribed. The next course will start at the end of November. It will be an evening course from 6 pm to 9 pm.

You can apply on line here.

New counselling book


Dolores James published a book, Counselling for the Masses. What can I expect if I go to counselling. You can find more details about the book by clicking on the link below.

Counselling students working in a group OUR COUNSELLING COURSES

Our counselling courses (basic counselling skills courses and diploma in counselling courses) are part-time and our diploma in counselling course is accredited by ABC Awards (formerly known as Centra), a nationally recognised accrediting body. Please consult the appropriate web page to find out more about the counselling courses by clicking on the menu button above. You may also want to consult our more general points about counselling training.Our counselling courses are run in Liverpool, please consult the page of the relevant course for the exact location.

The key objective of CTPDC Counselling Training Limited is to deliver high quality counselling training courses. Our tutors will provide the necessary support to all students to fulfil their aim, matching the students' learning and training efforts.

Studying is a commitment and investment of time and money. This is why we organise open days for our prospective students. The open days are compulsory for the perspective Diploma in Counselling students. In these open days, candidates have an opportunity to meet the course tutors and get a clear and detailed presentation of the requirements of the course, the timetable for the whole course, accreditation and similar issues. It also provides candidates with the opportunity to put questions to the course tutors, clarify issues and therefore be able to make an informed decision.

Our courses account for individual training needs and utilise the strengths of group dynamics. Students are expected to pursue the course with a positive commitment, taking full advantage of the resources and facilities offered by CTPDC and, in particular, contact with the tutors, the director of CTPDC, Advisory Board members and other students.

Quality assurance

All course tutors are qualified counsellors with a teaching qualification or the equivalent. They have counselling supervision and have ongoing personal development. We expect our tutors to be able to teach theories and demonstrate the practical application of these theories. They have to be able to manage the class and use effectively the group dynamics that emerges during the course for the benefit of the learning of individual students. Tutors also have to show the values and behaviours that could contribute to the personal and professional development of the students.

On Basic Counselling Skills courses, the sessions on alternative approaches to Person Centred counselling and on Diploma in Counselling courses some special subjects are delivered by guest speakers, who are experts in the subject. The list of these sessions can be accessed by clicking the link above.

CTPDC developed a comprehensive quality assurance system. The process of monitoring, evaluation and review of the courses and the progression of individual students includes the following:

Information from students

Tutors' meetings

Internal moderation

The internal moderator is appointed by CTPDC. She has an ongoing involvement of assessing students' work over the year. She does this by sampling students' assignments and portfolios. She presents her findings to the tutors and ultimately to the external moderator of the validating body (ABC Awards). She can request to interview the students. She has regular meetings with the tutors and the director of CTPDC.

External moderation

The external moderator (nominated by the accrediting body) interviews the students and checks their progression. There are clear guidance to tutors, internal moderator and students on the requirements for awarding credits for each module (learning outcomes and evidence of achievement). Journals and achievement records have to be submitted to the tutor by the date specified at the beginning of the courses. After the internal marking, these are submitted to the external moderator. Upon receiving the approval of the external moderator, students receive the award of certificates from the awarding body.

Learning support

There is an electronic library available. Support for basic learning skills is available and students are signposted to appropriate learning facilities.

The following support, that we believe is unique in the sector, is provided to our three-year diploma in counselling course students: