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CTPDC Counselling Training Limited developed this accredited Diploma in Counselling course for students who want to become counsellors. Our Diploma in Counselling Courses are three-year (450 hours) part-time courses (3 hours a week, daytime and evening classes are available).

The course is a balanced composition of counselling skills, personal development and counselling research. We believe that the students' development in any of these components requires development in the other components. For example, the personal development component enhances the competence in using various counselling skills, while development in counselling research encourages controlled generalisation of professional counselling experiences. We expect our students to perform well in each of these areas to meet the awarding requirements.

Apart from the main theoretical framework of the course (person-centred counselling), students will be introduced to the key concepts of Gestalt Therapy and Transactional Analysis. Some of the sessions are delivered by sessional tutors. We believe that the learning support that we provide on this course is unique in the sector and facilitates very high quality training.

We guarantee the following:


Applicants for the first year

Applicants have to submit a 500-word personal statement. Applicants have to attend one of CTPDC's open day. In addition, there is an interview for assessing the applicant's suitability for the course if they have not completed the Basic counselling skills course with CTPDC. If the applicant is not accepted onto the course, he or she will be given the opportunity to discuss this in a further interview.

Applicants for the second year

Applicants who have completed a 150-hour guiding counselling training (for example, an Intermediate Counselling Skills course) elsewhere, can apply to join our Diploma course at the second year. Such applicants have to demonstrate that their skills, knowledge and personal development are at the level we expect from our own students in a three-hour session (that includes a formal interview). They would also have to fill in the appropriate application form. This process is also known as APL.


New Book

Dolores James published a book, Counselling for the Masses. What can I expect if I go to counselling. You can find more details about the book here.

Next Course

Level 3 (Intermediate) Counselling Course

Our current course is fully subscribed.

The next course will start at the end of November, 2016. The sessions will be from 6 pm to 9 pm.

Venue: Halewood Academy, The Avenue, Wood Road, Halewood, L26 1UU

You can apply here.